Poetry: The Glass Box (2017)

         I decided I would post some of my poetry on my website, also found on Deviantart. 

            This one is a bit dark and dramatic, perhaps overly so, you'll have to forgive the seriousness, I'm usually optimistic. I decided to explore the emotional state of feeling 'trapped', essentially.



It’s the killer of my dreams. The essence of my destruction.

Invisible and insidious, it cannot, it will not be destroyed.

A trap that cannot be solved. A system of spiraling destruction.

Endless. Inhuman. Eternal.


I see the energy, I see the joy, I see the dream.

But these walls will not shatter.

For these walls are not real.  


My dreams are boundless. My passion infinite.

Creative and Courageous, I cannot, I will not be destroyed.

An impossible dream that must be fulfilled. Unyielding passion with no direction.

Endless. Inhuman. Eternal. 


I feel the lies, I feel the shame, I feel the doubt.

But my enemy is the truth.

For the truth hides a thousand lies.


Strength turned to weakness.

Hope filled with despair.

Joy into tension.

Love into hate. 


The Glass Box has won.


But so have I.