Paintings by Peter Rodulfo

Today I’d like to feature an already relatively well-established artist, Peter Rodulfo. His oil paintings are very much up my alley, so I thought I would share. Hopefully you’ll make room for him in your alley, dear reader.

            In his words, Peter Rodulfo works “largely from memory and imagination”, and his work “treads the borderline between dreams and reality.” I personally find his work explorative, detailed, and fun-filled. Frankly however, I can’t really do his art (or any art, for that matter) justice with mere words, so I cherry picked a few of my favorites. Keep in mind that I barely even dipped into his ocean of art.

 Please Consider browsing his website here or else checking out his DeviantArt account here

 Click on the images to view them in full.

First up we have ‘Besides the Sea’. Makes you want to hit the pier, doesn’t it?

Next up we have ‘St. George’s Park’. Another phenomenal exploratory work, and interesting play on perspective, as was the last one.

Jelly Fish surprise’ can come across as something of a surreal drug trip, but I’m certainly not complaining.

The next invigorating LSD trip, ‘The Day the Clowns Left’, combines the exploratory work of the first two pieces, with the super-surreal nature of the third one featured.

‘Commuters’, a whimsical piece, really sheds some perspective on woes we all have with traffic. We have it easy! 

Finally, I’ll showcase one of my favorites, “Approaching the Pleasure Beach” This is a painting I’d like to enter, at least the theme park vision within in it, not  necessarily the urban skyline. That contrast of ugly urban growth and a joyful, surreal amusement park vision is interesting. With the inflatable raft full of people, I think of it as the delusions of utopia one might have when on a path to a new destination, both literally and figuratively.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s art feature, dear reader. There’s an endless ocean of art out there.