Aquatic Art Feature

          Good day to you, my fellow psychotic octopus! Today I’d like to share with you some aquatic themed artwork I’ve scoured across the depths of the internet.

        I’m considering doing this more often, as I enjoy viewing artwork on the internet. Never the same experience as an original, but certainly more convenient! Some of these are available as prints, which I’ve linked if you’re interested.


First up we have ‘Glamour Aqua Turquoise’ by LebensArt, a crisp, testudinal design piece.

The Sea Turtle.png

            Also by LebensArt, we have ‘Blue Turquoise Seahorse’ and ‘Octopus’. Perfect for lovers of the maritime world.



       Next up we have ‘She’, a nicely compositioned and detailed octopus painting by Alex Gregory.


                Also by Alex Gregory is a wondrous, geometric yet flowing sea turtle painting, my favorite of today’s art feature. I’ve linked to his website, just click the image.



       Finally, we have lovely, or terrifying if you have galeophobia, shark shipwreck watercolor print by Katy Lipscomb.



      I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s art feature, dear reader. I hope to do many more of these! There’s an endless ocean of art out there.