The Painter Swordsman .jpg

         My aim as a painter is to immerse you into my worlds of imagination. Explore the landscape of my mind, worlds with surrealistic rules and curiosities. Ever-present is an optimism for humanity. Stories can be discovered and deciphered, meanings uncovered. I will vary from this course at times, as I shall never stagnate, for I always aim to improve my craft. I’m also slightly pretentious. Acrylic on canvas is my medium. The paintbrush is my passion. Immerse yourself.

That all being expressed, I more or less ‘fell’ into this path in regards to my artwork. I initially picked up painting back in 2016, having taken a college course. Prior to then, I had never fathomed myself as an artist, certainly not a painter. My head had always been exploding with ambitious ideas, so it really isn’t any surpirse that I ended up falling in love with the craft. It’s an amazingly freeing experience, to splatter your imagination upon a completely blank canvas. An control of reality impossible in the real world. I’m truly teeming with excitement as to where painting shall take me next. What else is possible? I feel infinite growth on the horizon.