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My name is Louis-Francois. I have convinced all those around me that I am human. No one is aware of  my plans of world domination, thankfully.  I just go by Francois. I’m 23 years old; I was born in Los Angeles, California, but mostly raised in a suburb near Dallas, Texas. I still live there, along with my very supportive father. I have two supportive sisters as well, currently residing in Austin. My loving mother lives in Quebec.

               As you may be able to tell by browsing my website, I have a colorful and vivid imagination. That is probably my favorite thing about myself! I didn’t use to think I was good enough to ever become an artist, but that changed in 2016 when I started to obsess over painting. The entire process is an exceptionally freeing experience for me, because it allows me to translate my worlds of imagination onto a canvas, which you can’t really do in real life. On the canvas, I rule over my own little dominion (Mwahaha!). Painting has proven to be quite an asset in my life, as it allows me to explore myself and create beauty and meaning in a way that I couldn’t without it.

                  Socially speaking, I struggle a lot in life, or at least certainly have struggled in the past. I often feel like something of a freak or an outcast, and fail to conform to social norms in an authentic manner. In a way, that’s another reason I love to paint so much; it allows me to embrace my uniqueness with pride, rather than pretend that I’m someone else to fit in better. Conformity, in my opinion, only leads to unhappiness. In fact, I believe the desire to fit in has been responsible for a lot of the depression I’ve struggled with in the past, because what it really stems from is a desire for approval. That desire also naturally leads me to compare myself and my life, and even my artwork, to other people. This is a very negative spiral to get caught up in, and doesn’t help anyone, certainly not myself

                  So I’m trying to escape that mental trap! I dream one day of living in Florida near a beach (cheaper than California, plus it contains the Theme Park Capital of the World!), and to become a stronger, and more independent individual as a whole.

              Walt Disney is one of my heroes, and my ultimate dream is to create my own theme park for people to joyfully experience. Granted, my ideas probably aren’t very marketable, but a guy can dream! Really, I just want to create bigger and better things.

                I hope you enjoy my paintings, please explore my worlds of imagination at your leisure and contact me if you would like to own any of the originals, the prices are listed.